Students from Rocking the Boat take the Intrepid out on the Bronx River at a christening of two new boats.

Rocking the Boat reopens with new features

Rocking the Boat is back in business.

The legendary boat building and river science education center on the Bronx River waterfront announced today that it has reopened after a prolonged shutdown due to the pandemic.

The organization has made some changes to accompany the reopening, such as mask requirements (KN95s are provided by the program), temperature checks, hand washing mandates, and social distancing requirements.

During the shutdown, the organization got a $1.1 million makeover, with three major construction projects that are a year in the making. The facility received new water, sewer, and sprinkler lines, along with upgraded insulation and a new roof.

Environmental job skills apprentices were on hand to help the center with its new pollinator garden, that includes three native species to attract butterflies and birds: Wild Bergamot, Echinacea, and Sneezeweed.

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