An aerial shot of the Hunts Point waterfront.

City hires planning group to oversee community outreach for Vision Plan

The city’s Economic Development Corp. has hired a community planning firm to determine what Hunts Point residents and businesses think could be done to improve their community through city investments over the next 10-15 years. 

The Pratt Center for Community Development has been hired to lead an “ambitious community engagement process” over the next 18 months, the economic development agency said in a news release.

The effort is aimed at updating the 2004 Hunts Point Vision Plan, which outlined an agenda for many land use, environmental and job creation efforts.

Starting in the spring, the agency and the Pratt Center will host public workshops to gather community input and determine what to prioritize in plans for the neighborhood’s future.  Community organizations and local elected officials like City Councilman Rafael Salamanca, as well as the Hunts Points and Longwood Community Coalition, will be involved in the planning process.

The initial Vision Plan “led to City investments in new waterfront parks, safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists, hundreds of new jobs and workforce opportunities, and improved air quality through reduced pollution,” the city agency said.

The Pratt Center, a community planning organization based at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, has been active in the South Bronx previously.  Its services include “urban planning, research, policy advocacy, and small business assistance to advance innovative solutions to low- and moderate-income communities greatest economic and environmental challenges,” according to its website.


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