The floating pool provides recreation for thousands every summer.


Floating pool to stay in Hunts Point

The floating pool off Barretto Point Park.

The floating pool will remain at Barretto Point Park for at least another four years, the Parks Department announced Friday.

In addition, the park has grown by 1.2 acres of land transferred from the city Department of Environmental Protection, which operates the sewer plant next to the park. The new acreage features a lawn and picnic tables overlooking the East River and Manhattan skyline.

The expansion was originally scheduled to be completed four years ago. It was funded by a settlement in a lawsuit against the city over the noxious odors coming from the NYOFCo fertilizer plant. Filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council on behalf of Mothers on the Move and nine residents, the suit forced the fertilizer plant out of business and obliged the city to clean up the land that had been used as a staging area for workers expanding the Hunts Point Wastewater Plant.

The original permit that allowed the barge holding the pool to anchor in the East River expired earlier this year. The Parks Department conducted new environmental studies to secure a new permit good through 2022 with the possibility of an additional five-year extension.



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