Longwood man sentenced to a year in jail for animal abuse

Sassy the dog

A Longwood man who slammed a puppy to the floor, causing one of her legs to require amputation, will spend the next year behind bars for the incident, the Bronx DA announced today.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark today announced that the man, Roberto Martinez, 25, of 946 Leggett Avenue, was sentenced today after pleading guilty to a felony charge of Aggravated Cruelty to an Animal, which occurred last October.

As part of the plea agreement, Martinez will be required to register as an animal abuser in the state registry and is not permitted to own an animal for five years.

“Such inhumane actions will not be tolerated and a jail sentence sends that message,” said District Attorney Darcel Clark.

According to the investigation,  the defendant was observed on video surveillance lifting the eight-month old, mixed breed dog then-named “Sassy” several feet off the ground by her harness in September 2016, then slamming the pup to the floor, causing her to land on her backside. Sassy attempted to run away, but her right-hind leg was unresponsive. Martinez then lifted Sassy by the neck and pushed her up a staircase before entering an apartment. His girlfriend, who owned the dog, brought her to the ASPCA, but rather than reporting what Martinez had done she told veterinarians that the dog had fallen down stairs. Evidence of prior abuse including broken ribs was detected. The NYPD was notified and retrieved the video of the assault.

The dog’s right hind limb was amputated in September 2016. She recovered, and was adopted by a family.

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