Day care owner Eva Sanjurjo discusses her career running “Eva’s Kids”

Day care owner Eva Sanjurjo plays cards with two of the children she cares for.

She has been called “Mayor of the Children” by the New York Times and has even had breakfast at Gracie Mansion with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And for the past four decades, she has been caring for the children of working parents, sometimes in exchange for a gallon of milk.

In the Hunts Point Express’ first-ever podcast, Eva Sanjurjo, 69, discusses her long-running career as the director of “Eva’s Kids,” a day care business that she opened in her parents’ house 40 years ago. Every day since then – 43 weeks a year — Sanjurjo has watched over the children of Hunts Point from that same house on Coster Street where she now lives, charging $13 a day if her clients can afford it, nothing if not.

“I’m about the children of Hunts Point,” Sanjurjo said. “I want them to be respected and my people from Hunts Point to be respected. There are great people in this community and educated children that are going the right way, but I need that anyone that works with my children to work with them with respect.”

In this podcast, Sanjurjo’s sense of humor shines as she vividly tells the story of why she started her business, how she runs her day care, and what she wants to see from local organizations to help the children of Hunts Point. The podcast will also touch on the prices of day care in New York City and the benefits of early childhood education.

Carmen Rios-Nuñez is host.

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