State slaps down two strip clubs

The State Liquor Authority today denied a request from King of Clubs Topless Entertainment group to open a new strip club in Hunts Point.

The group’s owners first came in front of Community Board 2 in December 2010 to ask for a letter of support to open a new bar at 1280 Oak Point Avenue. The board turned them down then, saying the profusion of topless and bikini bars in Hunts Point degrades women and has led to high violent crime rates in the neighborhood.

In today’s hearing, representatives of King of Clubs countered the panel’s no-vote  by saying they would instead opt to open a bikini bar. But when Board 2’s District Manager Rafael Salamanca told the panel the board would  likely turn down any request for a bar featuring scantily-clad dancers—bare-breasted or not—the applicants withdrew their request.

“This is a great victory for the Hunts Point community as we move forward in a positive direction for both residents and businesses assuring that our public health, safety and economic growth is not jeopardized,” wrote Salamanca in a press release.

In addition, Club 11, the embattled topless bar on Randall Avenue, surrendered its liquor license to the Authority at the hearing. The topless bar has been closed since March after its owner, Patrick Aryee, was hit with extensive penalties for failing to pay its workmen’s compensation dues.

The bar was the site of violent incidents and fights that helped prompt the board and NYPD to look to have it shut down.

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